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What's good at Southern School of Energy and Sustainability

[NOTE: This article was originally published in the blog of the Durham Association of Educators. Click HERE to read it and see the photographs.]

“There is no other job where I would get to know all of these amazing people.”

In my 12 years working in public schools, I’ve heard lots of descriptions of the work that educators do. Some people talk about the challenges and the inspiration to be a better person, and model better personhood for young people, every day. Other people talk about the exhilaration in the moment the “light comes on” for students, or the frustration of a lesson that doesn’t land quite right. Others still will point to the exhaustion from the long hours or the pressures from every angle. The work of educating young people, it seems, sparks feelings that run the entire range of the human emotional spectrum. But amidst all of it, the quote from a Southern School of Energy and Sustainability Teacher above remains one of the clearest expressions of what it means to be an educator that I’ve ever heard. Our public schools are filled with amazing people, and it was an absolute honor to get to spend some time with the amazing folks at Southern High recently.

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Story from student Tiffany

Southern is a strong, good school to me because it proves all the things you may hear about it on the outside wrong, once you experience the inside. Before I came to Southern I heard things like “Southern is for dumb kids” and “people are rude there” but I haven’t experienced that. Instead I have met and befriended some really smart people here, and I’ve never been disrespected. All of my teachers are my favorite teachers, and I can’t say there’s anyone I even dislike at Southern.

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Parent Tammie H.'s story

To date I have only praises for the school programs. My son has improved since starting Southern High, last season. I have conversed with only 3 teachers, via email, and they do keep me informed of his progress! I totally appreciate them for that.

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Story from 2010 graduate Felder Shackleford

Southern High School has been a great building block in my life. Many people say bad things about the school but honestly you can’t rate it at the bottom until you have walked the everyday life as a student or teacher. Southern has played major role in my life success, the administrative staff is there fully for the love of educating the students, because their pay isn’t good enough and constantly goes down every year. No matter what their pay is they still give us their all.

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Story from father, volunteer, and PTSA member Calvin Cameron

I appreciate Southern High because of the administrators, teachers, and staff who work diligently to keep students and parents informed. Southern High is headed in the right direction under the leadership of Mr. Kenneth Barnes, who made it easier for my son to transition from middle school to high school. I can always depend on getting a phone call at least once a week informing me of the week’s activities at Southern High. Teachers are willing to stay after school to tutor in order to help student performance. While volunteering at Southern, I feel the students are receiving quality education.

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