Testimonials for Rogers-Herr

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What's good at Rogers-Herr

[Note: This post originally appeared on the blog of the Durham Association of Educators. Click HERE to read it and view its accompanying photographs.]

“You can’t put a number on kids. We’re talking about the WHOLE CHILD.”.

In one sentence, new principal Kecia Rogers summed up the philosophy of Rogers-Herr Middle School and set the tone for what I would hear from her staff all day long. Despite the constant demand for increased testing and child-punishing curriculum coming from corporate reformers, the Rogers-Herr staff has nurtured a loving environment where young people get to be their full selves, and the staff constantly collaborates to meet the needs of the young people they work with.

Thomas Holloway met me in the morning and didn’t hesitate to share that the best things about Rogers-Herr are the atmosphere and the people. He argued that the school has some of the top teachers he’s seen and that the janitorial staff is A1. “Everybody knows each other’s strengths and weaknesses and steps in to support each other,” he noted, before he playfully teased and giggled with some students on their way through the school’s lobby.

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Parent Ann Rebeck's story

When looking at Middle Schools three years ago I did not expect to be as nervous as I was looking at Kindergartens…but I was. The difference is that my daughter was a big part of the process and having her be there, expressing opinions really helped. Just as with Kindergarten I was amazed at the choices that DPS had to offer. I would have been happy to send her to Githens (our designated school) or Rogers Herr (our choice school). In the end we chose RHMS because we can walk there from our house.

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Story from parent Sherika Oliver

My son’s Social Studies teacher last year was absolutely great. My son is a talker and being a talker, sometimes causes problems. She kept him motivated and busy all year long and she really was a huge influence on how he perceives school. Since being under her teaching he has done extremely well in social studies and receives an A every quarter. Her ability to change and encourage made his learning more interesting; she not only focused on social studies but she went a step further when she called me over the weekend to let me know that there was a science opportunity he could participate in since he wanted to become a engineer.

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7th grade student Shadesia's story

Hi! I’m Shadesia and I am in the 7th grade at Rogers-Herr. I would like to recognize the whole Pathfinders team. I love Rogers-Herr Middle School and the PATHFINDERS TEAM—they are soooooooo amazing and have taught me so much!

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