Testimonials for RN Harris

What's good at RN Harris

When Principal Carolyn Pugh greeted me for my visit at R.N. Harris, she told me that her school was the “best kept secret in Durham.” When I told her that she wasn’t the first to tell me that, she looked at me, smiled as she walked away, and said, “yeah, but this one really is.” Swagger.

As one who appreciates a certain kind of confidence, I couldn’t wait to test Pugh’s assertion and see what Harris had that made her so sure of herself. In a city full of secrets, I don’t know enough to name hers the best, but I will say with certainty that Harris is a place so special that it deserves the respect and attention of parents and educators everywhere. After spending a day with the school’s staff and students, I shared Pugh’s smile, and I walked away thrilled to get the chance to tell their story.

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