Testimonials for Pearsontown

What's Good at Pearsontown Elementary

[Note: The following post is taken from the blog of the Durham Association of Educators. Click HERE to read the post and see the photographs.]

It’s been a long time.

For those who don’t know, the Durham Association of Educators set out on a mission last year. The goal was this: 53 public schools in Durham, 53 blog posts about what is good in each of them. Every day, the people trying to privatize our schools tell us lies about them, even though few of those folks have ever stepped into one. They say that they are failing. They say that teachers are lazy. They say that certain kids (Black, Brown, poor, kids with disabilities, etc.) can’t learn and should just get the minimum required. Anyone who has ever been in a school knows that none of this is true, but we need more people saying it in more places. So we set out to tell our stories and create more tools in the fight to DEFEND and TRANSFORM public schools.

We visited 50 of 53 schools, and wrote blog posts about 40 of them. This year, then, we are out to highlight the rest. And we start that process with the Pearsontown Magnet Elementary Pandas.

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Parent Nick Tise's story

I was on the fence of charter vs. public vs. private school here in Durham. I looked at several “Schools of Choice” and also my neighborhood school. What I saw at those schools really brightened my outlook — smart kids, a challenging curriculum for kindergartners, a good student to teacher ratio, and diversity in both race and socioeconomic status. Little did I know that my initial good feelings were only trumped when my son began kindergarten at Pearsontown Year Round Elementary School.

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Parent Holly McCormick's story

My daughter has attended Pearsontown Elementary for the past two years. Last year was a bit rocky as her teacher was on medical leave for most of the school year. However, this year we have had an excellent experience. Overall, Pearsontown represents what Durham is, a cultural melting pot. We love the ethnic diversity and feel confident that our children are experiencing what the world is really about.

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Parent Aretha Burford Rice's story

I am a proud Panda parent from Pearsontown Elementary school. My daughter is in second grade and loves it. This year is our first experience in the Durham public school system. I must say getting accepted in Pearsontown has been a wonderful transition. Leaving private school was quite a big decision for us but we wanted a more rounded atmosphere for our daughter to evolve in.

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Parent Sarah's story

I was nervous about my son starting kindergarten, but from the beginning of the school year, his teacher made school and learning fun. She has made the effort to keep parents informed about what is happening each week in the classroom and ways that we can help our students at home. I am amazed by what the kids have learned this year.

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