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What's good at Morehead Montessori

[NOTE: This article was originally posted on the blog of the Durham Association of Educators. Click HERE to read it and view the photographs.]

(Pre-Script Disclaimer: Much of what you are about to read is written ironically. I actually think that the pedagogy practiced at Morehead Montessori Elementary School is really awesome. Keep up.)

There is a nefarious plot afoot in Durham today. The fact that it’s been functioning in plain view at the corner of Cobb and Arnette streets for decades should give all of our county’s residents pause, and my hope in calling attention to it today is that someone will act before it’s too late. I’m clear that I’m taking a risk by shining this spotlight, but something must be done.

The adults who work at Morehead Montessori Elementary School believe that young people, given developmentally appropriate tasks and boundaries, will learn best if they are set free to collaborate, inquire, and discover the world with each other and on their own. They believe that teachers are facilitators and guides, and that the development of whole human beings, not the % of correct bubbles filled out on a form, is their primary task.

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Story from parent Kelly

We have had children attending Morehead Montessori since 2002. My son spent 7 years there (pre-K thru 5) and was extremely well prepared for middle school. My daughter is a currently a rising 5th grader at Morehead. Morehead, partially due to its smaller size, has a truly family atmosphere.

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Parent Neill G.'s story

Our son Lennox had an amazing experience as a pre-K student at Morehead Montessori last year. We were thrilled to see how excited he was to go to school and to come home with so many stories, songs, and other colorful things to share. We love how the school is operated and have been very impressed with the quality of the teachers, administrators, and support staff. It’s also nice to see so many parents actively involved in making the school a better place to be.

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Story from parents Sarah White and Joe Hensley

Our experience at Morehead has been wonderful. Not only have we felt supported by the teachers that our daughter has had, we have gotten to know the other teachers as well. Morehead’s small size allows staff and families to really get to know each other and the multi-age classrooms mean that students interact across grade levels. Students at Morehead are being taught by an excellent group of teachers, but they are also learning to learn from and to teach each other. When I tell family and friends in other places about Morehead, they cannot believe that it is a public school. We feel lucky to be a part of the Morehead Montessori community.

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Story from parent Courtney James

My older daughter is going into her fourth year at Morehead and we have been thrilled with the school. We have loved both of her teachers and all the other staff at the school. I love that it is a relatively small school with active parent involvement. I am looking forward to my second daughter starting there this year!

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