Testimonials for Lowe's Grove

My grandson's self esteem has developed at Lowe's Grove

Our experience while my grandson has been at LGMS has been phenomenal. He left elementary timid and shy. Very overly sensitive. Now he is a extremely confident young man who is making great strides in his learning and social life. His educators say that he has had has done a great job also. I can see him being a very well-rounded young man when he reaches high school all because of his experience at LGMS.

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What's good at Lowe's Grove

[NOTE: This article was originally published on the blog of the Durham Association of Educators. Click HERE to read it and view its associated photographs.]

There’s a story about Durham’s public schools. The story says that our students are out of control and our schools are unsafe. The story says that our teachers and administrators aren’t adequate, don’t care, and mail in our lessons every day. The story says that, if you have a choice, you should take your kids somewhere else because our schools, like the state’s letter “grading” system indicates, are failing.

This story is not true. And, like the grades that the state assigns our schools based on test scores, it is mostly a story about race and class in a city in economic transition. No school that we’ve seen on our tour elucidates this reality quite like Lowe’s Grove Middle School, and I’m thrilled to get to share the school’s story with the world.

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Story from stepfather Carl Craig

When my daughter first attended the Grove she had lots of problem learning and behavior problems. I was really worried about her passing her grade. There were many difficult times; but with the help and contact with her team teachers and counselor, she has passed her grade. I want to thank all of her team teachers and counselor for their help and patience and support.

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Parent Latasha Bledsoe's story

My son was at Lowe’s Grove for three years. When he got there, he could not read like he should, but the teachers at the school were great. They worked with him and now he can read. He passed his tests this year and is going to high school in August. Thank you Lowe’s Grove!

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