Testimonials for Little River

What's good at Little River

[Note: This post originally appeared on the blog of the Durham Association of Educators. Click HERE to read it and view its accompanying photographs.]

On my second day teaching at Hillside High in 2007, several students asked me if I planned to come back for the following year. My second day. The answer (yes) was easy, but the question was shocking. Our students had seen so much tumult and turnover in previous years that they had grown used to the instability that stood in the way of their education. Right there, I learned one of the most important lessons that any educator could ever glean from their students–young people need stability. They can be pushed, they can grow, and they can transcend limits put in front of them, but they need to feel safe, supported, and loved in order to do it.

Little River Elementary School students feel safe, supported, and loved. And that makes all the difference.

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Story from art teacher Barbi Bailey-Smith

Little River is a school with heart. Last spring, heavy rains created devastating flooding in Nashville, Tennessee due to the rising of the Harpeth River. Wanting to reach out, to help others, our school community collected $1,175.00 in a week that was sent to help the children at Harpeth Valley Elementary School who had lost everything. In addition, a book reviewer/ author donated $1600.00 of new children’s books that were delivered to the school this summer and will be given to the children and teachers who lost their homes.

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Parent and teacher Kelly H.'s story

Little River has had very positive effects on both my girls. The teachers have been supportive to both of my very different children. As a parent, and a fellow educator, I appreciate all the extra time and effort the teachers have put into my children to make them successful and enjoy their time at school.

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Story from parents Stephanie and Brad B.

As parents of a child in Kindergarten, we were a bit nervous about what to expect from our son’s new school. We have been pleasantly surprised by the level of care and expertise by the teachers. His teacher is very organized and spends time with each child. The communication between parent and teacher has been impressive.

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Parent Sandi B's story

My son is a student at Little River Elementary. He has autism and has been in the pre-school and kindergarten classes there for three years. He has made tremendous advances during this time. When he started at Little River he had all the classic signs of autism.

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