Testimonials for Jordan

Jordan celebrates other cultures

This past Wednesday, the Russian delegation from Sister Cities of Durham, had breakfast with Mr. Daniel Miller’s Russian class students. I can’t say enough great things about how fantastic the students were in greeting, hosting and dialoging with the visitors. Students brought in home made breakfast items, many were Russian recipes and it made the Russian visitors feel so special.

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Jordan's rocketry club was one of 13 accepted into NASA program

Jordan High School’s Rocketry Team was accepted into the NASA Student Launch program again this year. The team wrote a 100+ page proposal and it was one of 13 high schools accepted nationwide into the program this year. The team is designing and building a high powered rocket that will carry a scientific experiment to an altitude of 1 mile and safely return it to Earth.

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What's good at Jordan High School

[NOTE: This article originally appeared on the blog of the Durham Association of Educators. Click HERE to read it and view its accompanying photographs.]

Separate? Together? Equal? Unequal?

For as long as there have been taxpayer-funded public schools, questions of racial and economic diversity have shaped the debates that surround them. Many argue that the concentrations of students of color or poor students will inevitably produce a struggling school and low achievement. Others point out that the concentration is not the problem, advocating for the investment of additional resources that will allow all students to thrive. Still others believe that homogeneous grouping is the way to go, and advocate against efforts to mitigate against our still-segregated neighborhoods and the similar schools they produce. School systems create policies; families and communities respond. The battle lines can be fierce.

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Story from parent Nick Tennyson

As veterans of Jordan (we had enjoyed the experience with two sons attending and graduating in the past), we have been pleased to see that the excellence of the academic offerings and the high level of concern for student achievement has been maintained. The workload that our children have taken on with various AP classes has been amazing to me and has resulted in some interesting conversations around the dinner table as we find that we have independent thinkers on our hands.

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Story from Jordan parent Kathy

Jordan High School has been a great fit for both of my sons. The dedication and example set by many of the teachers has influenced my older son to the extent that he plans to teach high school. He has applied for and received the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Scholarship. The expert teaching and the many AP offerings at Jordan certainly helped his application to stand out among the many applicants.

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