Testimonials for Hope Valley

What's Good at Hope Valley

A quick look at the news these days can get a little upsetting. Civil Wars. Natural disasters. Climate change. Political rancor. Things can get to feeling a little bit bleak.

One of the great things about being an educator, though, is that, in the midst of, all of the troubles in the world, you get to walk into work every day with beaming young people brimming with possibility. When I’m not having a good day, I figure out a way to get to an elementary school for a quick visit, and I usually leave filled with something that much of the rest of the world rarely offers–hope. Those young folks, with their missing teeth and oversized backpacks, are going to lead us out of all of these messes, and sometimes it’s enough to just to be around for a bit.

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Our whole family has found community in Hope Valley

Our family has had a great experience at Hope Valley Elementary – it has not only been a positive educational experience – they have all been challenged at the appropriate level and all have had wonderful teachers – but I have also found that our involvement with Hope Valley has also been a great community builder for our family. We feel significantly more connected to our neighborhood, the kids have made friends in the neighborhood who ride the bus with them and attend their school but, other than that, our kids are exposed to kids from families like theirs and ones dramatically different from theirs and they have made friends with kids all across that spectrum.

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My opinion of DPS has changed because of Hope Valley

I was very concerned when I had to move my daughter from Wake County Schools to Durham County Schools. I had a job change and had to move to the RTP area. Over the course of years, I have not heard very good things regarding Durham and their schools. After looking over the reviews, I decided to put my daughter in Hope Valley Elementary School.
And since then, my thoughts and concerns regarding Durham Public Schools have changed.

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Parent Amelia's story

My son just finished kindergarten at Hope Valley. My son was excited to go to school every day because his teacher created a wonderful learning environment in his classroom. This fact was reinforced to me one day when one of his classmates came over for a play date and they spent some time doing Writer’s workshop. Hope Valley is a diverse school. Early in the school year, the children learned to see how their classmates were alike and different. They took a field trip to the Nasher Museum and looked at pictures and paintings of people and discussed what they saw. In Writer’s Workshop, they spent most of the year writing about true events and were instructed to use real colors when illustrating their writing. I enjoyed reading my child’s account of his day and seeing the pictures he drew of himself and his classmates.

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Story from parent Bob S-K

Fun school. Happy kids. Good teachers. Well-organized administration. Strong PTA. Excellent office staff. Fabulous communication. Running out of adjectives here, but you get the idea. We love it.

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