Testimonials for Hillside

What's good at Hillside

Home, they say, is where the heart is. For both Mr. Cason and I, the timing of our visit to Hillside, on its Homecoming, couldn’t have been more appropriate. For Mr. Cason, the school was the center of his life for 17 years, first as Music Teacher/Band Director, and then as Chorus Teacher. I was a Hornet for the 8 years prior to this one, and taught History in the same classroom year after year. This trip, then, was not just a school visit, it was a chance to touch the place that shaped so much of our lives in so many ways: Home.

It was also a reminder of what Hillside has more of than any school I’ve ever been in: Heart.

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Rolesha H.'s story

My daughter entered the Hillside High School IB Program in the Fall of 2013. She quickly and easily bonded with her teachers, which allowed her to establish comfortable relationships with them. This is important for me because my daughter is shy and generally quiet.

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Story from parent C. Traynham

I am a PROUD hornet and I have one child that attends Hillside and another at Hillside NT. Most recently I was grateful for all the MEN that welcome the students back to school. It’s great for students to see positive role models and to have the community involvement. Also the new traffic patterns where the front of the school is clear which changes the atmosphere of the school. Also at the football game between Hillside and Southern, the assistant principals were passing out information about the upcoming open house. That was wonderful seeing them work the crowd. Dr. Logan and his staff are doing a wonderful job!

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Story from parent A. Jeter

Hillside High School has an Incredible Visual Arts staff. Because of the support and vision from my son’s Art teachers, he was able to join the Art Club last year (not usual for freshman). Because of the Art Club, students were able to design and complete a beautiful wall mural with a positive theme that Hillside can be proud of. My son also participated in a mural workshop with a world known mural artist that changed his outlook towards Visual Art. I am so grateful and thankful for my son’s Art teachers at Hillside. They Get It!!!!

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