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What's good at Glenn Elementary

[NOTE: This article was originally published on the blog of the Durham Association of Educators. Click HERE to read it and view the photographs.]

There are 54 schools in Durham County. Glenn Elementary is the 28th that I’ve visited, which means that I’ve crossed the 50 yard line on this tour and it’s time to start putting the big picture together.

As I mention at the bottom of every post, I’m very aware of the limitations and challenges of our current public school system, and I’ve seen lots of things that I would call problems along the way. I didn’t need this tour to tell me that our schools can do better, and DAE is not ignoring those problems. In fact, we’re already working on plans to share what we’ve learned and bring some recommendations so that each and every one of Durham’s students have the schools that they deserve. Our schools need to be defended AND transformed.

And yet, I still haven’t been in a school that feels disorderly or unloving or ill-equipped to help young people learn. To the contrary, I’m seeing solid structure, obvious learning, and lots of love and nurturing everywhere I go. Glenn Elementary is no exception, and I’m excited to share all of the awesome things that I saw on my visit.

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Story from teacher Dana M. Hodges

Due to budget restraints, I landed at Glenn Elementary School. I am so glad that I did! Arriving to an elementary school from a middle school is a huge transition and the first year of that transition I questioned why I was there…..well now I know. We currently have a leader in Dr. Carmon that sets the tone for the school that allows staff, students and parents to enjoy the elementary school experience. I have never seen a staff that does not go home and works so hard to ensure our students are receiving every bit of education we can deliver. As a member of the community, I embrace seeing the many little smiles and “shout outs” students give in recognizing me as a proud and blessed member of the Glenn Elementary School community!

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Teaching assistant Margaret Purser's story

This summer a group of TAs and Teachers held a Story Hour on each of six consecutive Wednesdays from July 7th through August 11th. Reading skills were exercised in many ways, coordinated creative crafts were made, and healthy snacks enjoyed. What fun to watch the children’s reading interests expand! This is one more way we serve the children at Glenn.

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Assistant Principal Michelle Hunt's story

Glenn has a loving and strong history. Many of our staff have been at Glenn for a number of years and would go no where else due to the family atmosphere. We have staff that drive from other counties and through other counties to work at Glenn. The staff take their responsibility of teaching our children very seriously. Many of us grew up in similar circumstances as our children and have risen above that, so we know first hand the ability of our students to succeed. We share our life experiences with them in hopes that it allows them to see success as a reality and will inspire them to seek it out.

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Story from kindergarten teacher Kerry Moore

For the past five years, I have known Glenn to be a very caring and supportive community that cares about the population it serves. The teachers are dedicated to educating the students in all content areas while also ensuring their total well being is addressed as well. I am fortunate to be a part of this community because it continues to challenge my skills as a teacher through educating the whole child.

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