Testimonials for Forest View

Forest View is very diverse

Forest View has been a wonderful school for our family. The teachers and staff are wonderful and I know many teachers fairly well – even though my children never had them! It is a diverse school and I love that my children have made friends from and learned about the culture in other countries.

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Forest View is a real community

I unreservedly recommend Forest View Elementary School. When my daughter first started at Forest View, I thought, “how on earth can the teachers and staff get to know her? She’s just a little kindergartner in a sea of ‘big’ kids!”
I was more than pleasantly surprised. Her teacher quickly learned her strengths (and her challenges). Her specials teachers inspired her.

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Katherine Hicks's story

I couldn’t be happier with Forest View as a healthy environment for my children and a great place for them to learn. My daughter’s teachers in both first and second grade have been fabulous. I also love that the environment is wonderfully diverse both racially / ethnically and socioeconomically.

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Parent Emily Cox's story

We have now had five years of excellence all-around in the Forest View Elementary School community due to passionate teachers and support staff. My children have had some excellent reading, math, science, art and cultural enrichment. My first child attended Forest View Elementary School in Durham, NC for kindergarten and first grade. He had a great experience and we returned to Forest View three years ago when our daughter was in the 2nd grade, after a few years in a local charter school.

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Story from parents Dr. Simon and Deborah Gregory

Forest View provides our children with a caring, nurturing environment which allows them to grow academically and as individuals. We enjoy the fact that the school reflects a diverse cultural melting pot which reflects the American society. We have a rising 1st and 4th grader and we have had great teachers that care for their students and always go out of their way to ensure the students succeed. The fact that the school has a higher than average number of board qualified teachers indicates that the teachers not only care about the students, but also that they are passionate about their work.

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