Testimonials for EK Powe

EK Powe emphasizes lifelong learning

As Sadie got closer to school-age there was not a doubt that she would attend public school. We embarked on our public school journey in August of 2014 and are still going strong, over a year later. The day-to-day experiences that Sadie has at school are meaningful, enriching and are guided by the educators who seek to create lifelong knowledge seekers with skills and perseverance to answer questions. The education that she is receiving is wholesome – not just math or literacy, but how children can use this knowledge to inspire greater thinking.

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What's good at EK Powe

[NOTE: This story originally appeared on the blog of the Durham Association of Educators. Click HERE to read it and view its accompanying photographs.]


On Day 2 of my 60 day tour, I didn’t have to do any work to come up with the theme for today’s post. Every single person that I spoke with at E.K. Powe Elementary school told me that the best thing about working at Powe is community. It was community when they talked about the students, community when they talked about the parents, community when they talked about local business/church support, and community when they talked about each other. Every last one of them.

I had the great fortune of starting off the day with Principal Michael Somers, who broke down the unique nature of the school, describing it as a “slice of Durham.”

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Story from parent Charlene Reiss

Our experience at E.K. Powe has been so positive and affirming, we have become true advocates for the school and for the Durham Public Schools system. The test scores and “report cards” only focus on the deficiencies and rarely highlight the strengths of schools. To fully understand E.K. Powe is to know about its creative, caring, committed teachers, its strong history in Durham, its diverse, welcoming, and supportive community of families, its active PTA, its gardens, its dedicated science teacher and classroom, its partnerships with community organizations, and its dynamic new principal.

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Story from parent Don Moffitt

When we were looking for a school for our daughter we visited private schools (Friends, Duke School and DA) as well as Central Park charter. We looked into magnets as well. Then we visited E.K. Powe and got a tour from Jeanne Bishop, the principal, and we went to an information session held in a parent’s home. We heard from parents, teachers and of course Principal Bishop. One teacher there said her children had attended Powe, were now in college, and had been texting her all day with things that she had to remember to share with us. That got my attention—when I was in college, my elementary school was very low on the list of things that got me excited.

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Parent Hannah Demeritt's story

Like many parents, I found the decision about where to send my child to school very difficult. We considered magnets, charter, and year-round options and ended up sending her to EK Powe, our neighborhood school. That was one of the best decisions I have made as a parent and I cannot say enough good things about EK Powe. It is an excellent school and a very special place. EK Powe has a very strong sense of community and is a very friendly, welcoming school. The teachers and the administrators seem to know all of the kids’ names, not just those in their classroom, and as you walk the halls in the morning, everyone says hello, by name.

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