Testimonials for Easley

What's good at Easley

[NOTE: This article appeared originally in the blog of the Durham Association of Educators. Click HERE to read it and view the photographs.]

So far this semester, I have visited 18 of Durham’s 54 schools. When I left the classroom to help lead DAE full-time, I worried about the sadness that the new school year might bring. How much would I miss being with young folks as they learn new and exciting things that change their lives? How could I replace the support I felt in my daily interactions with my beloved co-workers? Who would make me laugh as much as my students?

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Parent Sabrina DeLaney's story

My son is currently a second grader at Easley Elementary. Prior to attending Easley Elementary, he was a student at a private school in Durham. The private school he attended was wonderful but due to changes in our personal situation, he could no longer attend. I then began researching schools and was informed by several friends that I should consider Easley.

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Parent William's story

Both of our children have attended Easley since kindergarten. We have been nothing but pleased with every aspect of the school. Easley has caring teachers, staff, assistant principal and principal. Whenever I walk into the building I always feel welcomed.

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Parent Donna C. Bingen's story

We just love Easley Elementary! We can’t say enough great things about Mr. Gibson and his leadership. We have had a wonderful experience at Easley and have made many friends through the class, volunteering and participating in the school functions.

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