Testimonials for Brogden

What's good at Brogden

[NOTE: This article was originally published in the Durham Association of Educators’s blog. Click HERE to read it and view the photographs.]

There are, apparently, a lot of ways to tell the story of a school. Today, I’m going to talk about Brogden Middle School through the perspective of a teacher showing up for her second day in the building, during the 4th week of school. I can’t really remember my Day 2 anymore, but I can imagine that it felt like: nervous, excited, terrified, anxious, and wide open. And I didn’t start one month into school, when so many relationships have already been built, procedures set, and norms established. I would surely be freaking out.

If I did find myself in that kind of a situation, though, there are few schools I’d rather be than Brogden.

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Technology facilitator Andrea Hundredmark's story

Hands down, Brogden is one of Durham’s most successful middle schools. The typical measurements that dictate the “quality” of a school do not take into account many aspects that gauge the true success that is taking place. For starters, if the public were able to see the educational growth that our students show over their three years at Brogden, our walls would be lined with even more awards. Brogden serves a student population along an extremely varied socio-economic spectrum. I’d be willing bet that Brogden serves one of the most diverse populations of kids, from the Croasdaile neighborhoods to the streets of East Durham.

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Parent Todd's story

My daughter attends Brogden Middle School. She has found her first year in middle school to be challenging and fun. She is in AIG classes and has brought home excellent grades so far and loves her teachers. She has made a bunch of new friends since Brogden brings together kids from several different elementary schools. I can certainly recommend Brogden as a good school with a safe environment.

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