Testimonials for Bethesda

What's good at Bethesda

[NOTE: This article was originally published on the blog of the Durham Association of Educators. Click HERE to read it and view the photographs.]

Before I write anything about the wonderful things we witnessed at Bethesda Elementary today, I have to start by saying how awesome it was to be on the Xavier Cason Homecoming Tour. As soon as Mr. Cason rolled up, the young folks that he taught two and three years ago started swarming. They shouted his name, gave him high fives and hugs, and told him they missed him. The grown people in the building did the same, and it felt a bit like walking around with a rock star. Mostly that’s because I was.

Xavier Cason, in short, is the kind of teacher, and the kind of person, that I hope to grow up and be like someday. I know that I’m not alone in feeling this way.

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Parent Alicia Vick's story

I am the parent of a kindergartener and a second grader at Bethesda Elementary. We moved to Durham in the middle of the school year so the kids started late. Their teachers did an excellent job of accommodating and making them feel welcome. My second grader’s teacher has offered to help my son before school so that he can better get on track with the rest of the class. She even offered to look out for my little on during this time, which she didn’t have to do, but is completely wonderful. I am proud to be a Bethesda Bulldog parent!

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Story from parent Konosha Forbes

I have a second grade student at Bethesda Elementary School. His teacher has gone above and beyond the call of duty. She has pushed him academically as well as socially. She keeps an open relationship with all parents. She is always opening her classroom for volunteers. My son came as an accelerated student, and he will be leaving more enriched than before.

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Parent Ashley Tannert's story

I have a kindergarten student at Bethesda and I cannot speak highly enough about the education she is receiving. She participates in specials five days a week, with music being her favorite and she also goes to a reading specialist daily for reading comprehension. Her teacher goes far above and beyond the call of duty for each one of her students, making the love of learning that much easier.

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