Testimonials for Hillside New Tech

Story from parent Beverly Harris

My son was in the first graduating class for Hillside New Tech High School (Class of 2011). The past four years provided a strong learning environment for students. Dr. William Logan (New Tech’s Principal), all teachers and staff definitely had more than one focus for the students. Being prepared for graduation from high school was only part of what this school accomplished. They also prepared students for college with project learning, independent study, honors courses and the ability to take college courses and receive college credit while in high school.

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Story from parent Tonya McMillan Reed

My husband and I chose Hillside New Tech High School for my daughter because it has a smaller setting, and she has always done well in smaller settings. Before attending New Tech she went to charter schools and New Tech has the same feel as the charter schools. Our daughter is doing well at New Tech and we love the family environment. The students are very respectful and they always make it their business to speak to me when they see me in the hallways.

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Parent Shantell Thomas's story

I truly value the multi-year approach to preparing my child for college, full use of communication tools and technology to keep family posted on events/activities/initiatives, immersive engagement style of the principal, and most importantly, the use of project-based learning. This style has turned my hard “C” student into an A/B student because this teaching style resonates with his tactical nature.

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Story from parent Nicolia Madison-Connor

I wanted to take the time to express my most deep and sincere thoughts on how Hillside NT High School has affected my daughter Chelsea S. Madison. During Chelsea’s elementary years she was an exceptional student. When we moved to Garner, NC and she began school, her grades, quite honestly were very disappointing from a parent’s perspective. However, in her words “I’m doing my best”! I knew this wasn’t accurate and I felt she was conforming to the pressure around her to do what I call “play up dumb”! I’ve always known Chelsea was a beautifully bright young girl and for some reason, she had a hard time fitting in with the kids in the Garner school system. Pretending to be “less than” somehow made her more acceptable but tore at my heart because I could see where this was heading. When I wed and we moved to Durham, NC, my hope was this would be a new start for Chelsea and THANK GOD this is what has happened.

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Story from parent Lori Sherman-Lopez Snider

I appreciate the support of the faculty and staff; we are not left alone. I believe in the “village” and the facility and staff support our family. Whenever we’ve needed extra support [one-on-one tutoring, mentoring, or just a good old fashioned lecture/ scolding] the family at NT have been awesome, gentle, caring and they genuinely care for all the students. I wished I could do high school over again, at HSNT!!!

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