Story from NCCU Associate Dean M. LaVerne Reid

I am truly energized by the structure and approach to academics I have observed at Hillside New Tech High School. The project based learning approach served to provide more than just a mastery of academic material. The outcome of this approach is that students become better citizens from the collaborative approach to learning and to the endurance skills required for the completion of projects. They learn the art of negotiation and compromise as they assess their skill sets and those of their colleagues. Both oral and written communication skills are advanced in this learning approach as each student is required to make multiple presentations in all types of venues. Above all, the setting is most conducive to learning.

The faculty and administrators all seem to have one objective and that is to help each student reach self actualization. This school is a hidden jewel. What has proven effective on the west coast for populations different from Durham, NC has been perfected here. This model could be a remedy for the dismal academic outcome of many of the state’s schools. As an academician, I am an advocate of fresh approaches to learning. Hillside New Tech is a novel approach that should be replicated throughout the state. Kudos to Dr. Logan and Mr. Anderson for their “can do” attitudes and support of the HNTHS students.

from NCCU Associate Dean M. LaVerne Reid on Friday, October 15, 2010

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